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The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave

ConsoleNintendo 3DS
PublisherGenius Sonority
DeveloperGenius Sonority

In The Denpa Men, the player captures Denpa Men to form a party to explore dungeons. Using the Nintendo 3DS’s camera, Denpa Men will appear in the player’s surroundings when near a Wi-Fi signal or scanning a QR code. Denpa Men differ by name, color, appearance, and abilities.

Combat is not random and follows the traditional role-playing formula with an auto-battle option. Other common role-playing elements that appear in the game are treasure chests, item shops, and non-player characters.

If a dungeon is left with downed allies, every Denpa Man that was downed will leave the party. By purchasing offerings from the in-game shop, Denpa Men can be revived via the spirit shrine, Albeit only if they were caught via the antenna tower.

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